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Related article: Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 06:30:33 -0400 From: Subject: Adventures with BobbyHere is another story I have done. It is based on a gif I received last year of which is quite well shown. It is of a blond guy, curly hair, and garage mechanic. That gif, and my fantasies are of what this is about.Any comments would be appreciated. to This is part of the other story, Joey, and there will be more. Bobby and I Finished 7/1/96 He came through the door in a rush. I wondered what had happened. He carried his usual gym bag, but threw it in the corner in disgust. The sweat matted his hair in ringlets around and down his neck. His usual calm blue eyes blazed in rage, and shot sparks as he entered the room. The biceps were straining against the T-shirt he wore, which I had given him for his birthday. "Big Johnson", "here to stay", it blared, across the chest, with a large red arrow pointing the appropriate direction. It gave a simple announcement of what was hid below, as I so readily knew. His cutoffs were short and tattered rags. He didn't wear anything under these. I knew, and the size of his manhood which was quite evident. He's dressing left, again, I thought in amusement of that often used phrase to describe a man's preference, as to how comfort could be had with an appendage meant for a warrior or lover. He pulled off the shirt, and threw it in a hamper. He was shaking with rage. His head shook and those curls of blond, spread themselves all over his head. He looked at me a bit sheepishly and said , "The damn prick did it to me again. Got all set to shoot a load, and K-bamm; dead." He sat in the easy chair beside me, and was calming down, even smiling. His back and chest were wet with sweat. The chest hairs, blond and curly were all tangled in their wetness. I reached over, and drew my hand down that chest, as he groaned with pleasure. I had a towel, and gently wiped that brow, bringing release to the tension he felt.. Gently the terry towel went down the chest to that belly I adored so much. "Relax," I whispered into his ear, I am here." His legs unleashed their length, and stretched themselves to the floor. They were strong and the cave muscles rose to the admirable thighs which encompassed his most cherished asset. Like strong bands of steel, his abs rippled his belly so fine. The pride he had was due his work, and his presence gave me strength Lolita Links and the desire to go on. A chill was on him now. He was still, cold, and needed my attention. "Let's get these shorts off now." He simpered, and moved his hips as I unbuttoned the shorts, and pulled them off his ragging hardon. "You are ready for action now!" His manhood looked me straight in the eye and blinked at me. His tip was wet, and the bush also matted with sweat. The mustiness rose, as I leaned over to kiss him gently on the tip of his self, gently to relax him more. "Calm yourself, tell me what happened." He sat up and groaned, it happened again and why to me?" "I was all set doing my last reps and the urge was there." "I wanted it so bad." "He just looked the other way and paid no attention to me at all." "Turned away?" "And no reason given?" "I find that hard to believe." For anyone to turn their backs on Bobby would take the patience of Job. "What happened," I asked. "What was going on?" He sighed and grew closer to me now. He always wanted me near to comfort his hurts. That was good, and it is a nice feeling to be wanted. He didn't realize he comforted me. He looked up at me and embraced me while kissing me on the lips. He was so lovely and young. I held him and kissed him back. Our tongues probing the others mouth, in the shared intimacy we held so dear. "Lets go to the bedroom," he said. "I want you now." Needless to say, I needed no further encouragement. His naked body led me down the hall, and up the stairs to our king size bedroom. His naked back to me, with those dimpled ass cheeks, were firm and fun. His new dagger tattoos on each cheek were now well healed and cool. His slowed to meet my hand as it cupped each cheek while we climbed the stairs. "Mmmm nice", he said in gratitude. We entered the bedroom. I was proud of this room. I had designed it after Bobbie came to me. The bed sat on a high pedestal and it was a sleigh bed with a large canopy ,and around it hung a damask curtain. The sheets were red satin to compliment his fair skin and golden curls of hair. The bed faced south, overlooking a wide window from which we often saw the sunrise. At those times, we lay in each others arms, warming to another Lolita Links day of life. I smiled, as he often had a hardon indicating his usual morning piss need. His ragging hardon now was not from needing to pee. Instead, lust was on his mind I knew. He threw back the white bed covers, and laid on those red sheets. His body stretched out in all his glory. "I like these, they are so smooth and fun," he said. I sat beside him and let my hands roam over his body. That chest, with it's ringlets of curls. Those nipples with the tufts of hair so wet in their heat, were to kissable not to be kissed by me. I ran my tongue down his belly to the thighs so strong. His grooming was impeccable. He opened his legs and moved to the center of the bed. "Lay with me," he asked. I of course did. First I dropped my robe and then went to his body. As I lay beside him, he reached for my cock. "So strong and inviting." he spoke, as he stroked my belly, he kissed me in greeting. H raised himself on one arm, letting those golden lengths of hair drape tantalizingly across my crotch. My hardness became tangled in gold. He ministered so well to my needs. His hands drew themselves to the legs, and ass cheeks so tense. "Relax, and enjoy this." His massage was thorough, and all over the body. I lay on my belly, as he sat on my back. His long arms allowed him to gently touch me at length. As he bent forward, his cock fit neatly between on my ass crack. It was so comforting to be covered so intimately. This bed had seen so many scenes as this, but with Bobby, this was specialty. As he turned to sit on my legs, he touched me with a trace of his fingers. Gently he probed my ass. Knowing so well the reaction he could get. "Mmmmmmm, so nice," I groaned. "I do like that." He smiled that all knowing smile of contentment one gets on doing a good job. He parted my cheeks and traced the line of that crack. His touch sent shudders and quivers through my body. His hands rubbed my shoulder, and that cock lay on my back. It's length, and weight was always so good and wanted. He was a good driver for one so young, and the size of the rig was impressive itself. He jokingly referred to me as a size queen, but only once. We did have words after that. I remembered. * * * * It was another day. I had a hard time on the job, and needed attention. "I'm home," I called, hoping Bobby was here. No answer. "Humpf," I snorted, and went to the in-house pool. There he was, naked as always, I wanted that, just lounging and playing with that 8"x6" monster. "Hey," that's mine", I called out jokingly. I must have startled him, for he jerked upright and said, "Oh the Size Queen is here finally." That Lolita Links hit me like a shot. "Size Queen?" "What the hell is with you?" "You know I don't like that tone or crack." "Get your ass over here, now damn it." He rose up, and, head hanging, came over to me. His cock now wilted, and reaching toward the floor. His skin now blushing with shame and remorse. I reached into the drawer of the table, and removed a latex glove and gold cock ring. It linked on, and was tight, making the cock and balls rigged in their glory. He knew what was coming . We had gone over and through this scene once before. He knelt before me, and then on all fours. I got behind him. Those balls hanging there and that cock so limp. "Try this," I said. He grunted in some degree of hurt, but accepted the ring willingly, and began to rise himself. "Not so fast Bobby." "You must learn not to talk like that again". I pushed him back down on all fours. "Assume the position." I roughly pulled his ball sac down and his throbbing cock out free. I gently ran my gloved hand over that fair ass. He was quivering with excitement. That manhood rose so well reaching to his belly button, mingling with those gold hairs so nicely seen there. I raised my hand and slapped his ass as hard as I could. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Again my hand flew through the air. The ass cheeks were so red now, they were shinny on that fair ass so good. I then poked a finger in that hole. Then two and three. I stretched that hole and drove them home to the fist. "Open up to me." Bobby grunted in acceptance of my prying hand. "Now be nice and easy, he pleeded." "I will show you size, bitch". "Take this fist up that ass now." I spread his legs and drove the fist in that hole. He squealed in hurt and pleasure. "Enough," I asked. "No more cracks now?" "Will you behave now?" "Yes, no more please". "Size Queen, huh," I asked getting out of my pants now. Lolita Links My own ragging hardon needed attention. I dropped my shorts and got behind him. His head was on the floorm, and that beautiful ass in the air. I approached him forcefully and drove my cock to the hilt. "Oh yes," he moaned. "Fuck me." My balls slapped against his ass as my cock piston back and forth. Harder I drove it home. He began to cry. The ring, the spanking, fisting, and now my driving this wood in his ass, were causing a strong orgasm in him, and I shot my load as he spewed out on the floor. "Now clean me and that up," I ordered. He meekly began to lick my shaft clean. His tongue rejuvenated my soul and wantonly his head bobbed up and down, toward my crotch and balls. He also licked his cum off the floor. "Nice and clean now," I said. "Don't let any of that delicious juice go," His was sweet and like the nectar of the gods I knew, for I had tasted it often myself. * * * He moved Lolita Links beside me. I quickly came back to reality; back in the bed with my lover there. He was so good. It comforted me knowing he would be there for me. I traced my hand over his front, around those nipples, and down that chest. He moved toward me, meeting my hand as it reached his crotch to cup those balls so jeweled. His cock rose now, like a new flower. Blooming a head so red and beautiful. I smiled for he was sleeping, yet the manhood was awakening and looking for a home. "Bobby, Bobby," I gently called. I streaked his face and pushed his hair out of his eyes. He opened his eyes and smiled. His eyes so blue, that hair so gold, that skin so fair; dam, he was a god. I kissed him, and his mouth opened, allowing my tongue to probe and touch him. He also gave me his tongue in return. We trembled so wild and deep. Our love was strong. "Come to me now", I said and his prick grew in anticipation. He rolled over and rose up in awe. That god of Mercury was alive and going to deliver his quick message now. * * * The room was dark. We had slept the afternoon away, and the setting sun's rays were streaming through the window, at the far end of this spacious room. The light shown between his legs as he rose. That shaft of his, threw a shadow across my belly. Those balls, hanging low in sack, covered my own bush in fullness. He stroked my chest. That cock resting on my belly. As his hands traced their path down my front, his cock grew to a shaft as was the bolt of lightning seen on a dark night's sky. "You are so good to me," he said. "I love and adore your body." "Put some candles on," I said. The smell and shadows they throw, made the sex much better it seemed. "Yes, put the big one near the bed now," I ordered. Bobby needed direction, and like me giving directions. He sensed what was to happen. As he rose from the bed, he looked like a Greek God come to earth. His hips, firm and round in the evening light, were beautiful to the eye. As he knelt down to reach the lower shelf of the bureau drawer, where the candles were kept, that delightful asshole, all puckered and prim, glowed it's eye to me. He spread his legs, knowing full well that a scene he presented to me. Those balls dangling down, as he swayed his ass in my direction. "You are cute, you know that," I said. "Really?" His smile told me he liked the attention he was getting. He rose with a big rounded candle. "Here's one, bayberry smelling. You like that don't you?" Of course he knew so well my likes and dislikes. We had been over these so often in the five years together. His training had been arduous, but now the closeness with each other and a trust was complete. "Come back to bed," I said. "I am still tired and want you near me." He came to the bed, a grin on his face. "Need me huh." he asked? "Now what does daddy want?" Damn him. He full well knew I wanted that cock. He was a younger stud and his sexual powers exquisite. He sat on the bed and leaned over me. His hair fell on my chest as he licked me so intently. His ministering to my nipples caused a rise of my own manhood. I brought his head to me for a kiss of adoration. "No," he said. "This is for you. Just lay back, relax, and enjoy." Hi was good, his kisses so deep. The French had it right. That tongue played in my throat, and we exchanged the wetness of true love. He kiss of my every part thrilled me, and sent shivers down my body. His nuzzling my neck, and nipping at my ear lobs drove me crazy. Gently his hands traced the curves of my body. His gentle touch made me shiver for him all the more. My hand reached for him. "Not yet. You deserve more," he said. My god, I didn't think I could Lolita Links take more. I was panting Lolita Links like a dog in heat now. But, yes there was more. He rose on all fours and straddled me, setting on my chest, facing my cock and balls. His back shinning in the candle light, and those long blond curls dangling in their splendor. His hand gave me the massage I never had. He worked my legs and crotch. The cock, "Johnny" we called it, rose to full height. "Johnny wants to dive in a pool doesn't he," Bobby said. Oh god yes. As he fondled by balls and gently rolled those eggs in their sac, I thrashed my body back and forth. His smile back at me, showed me he knew the pleasure he was causing. He leaned down to suck my toes. That thrills me. The nerves are quite sensitive there and his tongue with the sucking motion again sent spasms through me. Our cocks ground together as he moved his hips to reach my toes. His young prick at full and hard was against my already heated shaft. As he rose, that cock dangled at my face. I twisted my head and eagerly took it all in. I kissed that piss slit and that bulbous head entered my mouth. Bobby took me into his mouth, his tongue twirling my shaft and pulling the life out of me. I was jerking and my body quivered in excitement. He touched my bung hole with his finger,. "Yessss," I said. "Put that in me." I reached for that ass so prominent and delicious. I Lolita Links let that crack go and ministered to the sweet nectar found between those cheeks. Bobby knelt back to me, not letting go of my cock. His tongue and slurping, and groans of sheer pleasure filled the room. The mild classic music playing on the CD was augmented by his sounds of pleasure. As I poked my tongue in the hole, Bobby tensed and quickened his pace. He liked me to do that. It was something we worked at during our sessions. His hole opened for me and I fucked him with my tongue. Once, twice, three times. His cock and balls were filling with cum. I touched the tip of his cock and felt precum there. "Let me taste you", I said. He willingly allowed me to tasted that cock again. As he did, his tongue on my cock and finger up my ass, was twirling my sex prostrate. I knew I was about to shoot a load big and sound for this moment. I could tell from Bobbys tenseness and breathing, he too was about to unload. I kissed his asshole, and ran my tongue all around that sensitive nerve ending. He was jerking in rhythm as he suck and drew on my cock. "Yessssss," he hissed. "I am there." "Aghaahhhha." "Now." I shot back "MMMMMMM." It felt so good. My cock was all alive. "I feel the cum flowing down that shaft now", he said. * * * * It was a rough day. My mind kept the bad thoughts out, waiting to get home to Bobby. His ministrations last night, still caused my ass and cock to jerk in pleasure. His hands on me, so gentle and strong. He was able to kneed the tensions out I knew. "Bobby," "I'm home." God, I hoped he was here. I need to hear his voice and feel his presence. The sun shown through the window, it's beams of gold drove me crazy as they reminded my of Bobby. Where was he? It was not like him to be out. This was not his day at the gym. I walked through the house looking. My mind was a whirl. Things had not gone right with the project. My usual movements had been blocked and thwarted. My thinking was clouded, my back, and leg muscles all ached in drilling pain. As I entered the bedroom, I pulled off my shirt and let my pants fall to the floor. My shorts clung to me holding that basket so full and wanting. My anger was having the affect of causing and aching hardon. "The jerks." I put on a CD of Mozart's work. That always relaxed me. I had been listening to this music for years. Bobby even liked it. I have groomed him well. "Scott, I'm home," he Lolita Links called, closing the front door. "Where are you?" "Up here Bobby." "Bring a drink up for me will you?" "Make it scotch with water, and get yourself one too." "Get Cutty, ok?" "And make mine strong." I put on the silk robe, and walked out on the balcony off my bedroom. I let it open and the late afternoon sun brightly warmed my chest. The cool air caused a stirring in my crotch as it blew open the robe. The tensions began to leave my body. "Here you are, scotch and a little water" said Bobby, as he entered our room. "Careful now. it's stronger than usual," he purred in my ear. Standing behind me, he rolled the ice cold glass aross my chest. God, he was so all knowing about me and my needs. We kissed and exchanged tongues. His probing was was matched by me, and our arms entwined around each other. As I looked into his eyes, I saw a glint of his toughts. He knew I was tense, and he knew how to relax me. As the last rays of sunlight gave way to the dusk so sweet, Bobby stripped the robe from me. I stood there naked and excited in the cool air. Bobby then dropped to his knees and took my wanting cock in his smooth hands. He slowly skinned that banana, allowing the eye to see what was in store. His hands also fondled my balls. "Relax, and spread you legs," he said. Now this was not so easy when you have a lovely boy before you on his knees, stroking your cock and fondling you ball sac. "Sure , and fall on you huh," I said. That may just been fun now I thought. My hands went to his head taking hold on both sides, and drawing his face up to me as I bent to kiss that angle. His shinning eyes were excitement. As I bent, his hands were free to explore my ass. He masaged my cheeks and his diligent finger soon reached my rosebud of life. He stuck his finger in his mouth and then probed my hole so well. It slapped in, as my muscles clinched it so. My knees buckled and Bobby took my cock in his mouth to draw the hurt away from me. "Let's go in , and lay down," I said. I knew Bobby liked my room and large bed. I took him up, and together we went to my bedroom. Bobby stripped off his shirt, letting those golden locks fall around those board shoulders. As we reached the bed, he already had let the sweats he wore fall to his ankles. He took my breath away. I lay down and drew him to me. His hair fell over my body as his tongue worked it's way from tit to tit. He drew deep breaths from me as he trailed down my belly to the bush below. Again he took me with this mouth and demonstrated his cocksucking skills anew. His expert ministrations left me exhausted. I could feel by balls tense up and draw near as he probed my hole with that tongue. "Let me have you," I asked. I wanted to feel that cock in me now. "Turn over, and get on you knees," he said. "I'll take you like the dog you are," he joked. I loved his humor. He was good as he put the 8" cock at my hole. I knew that the size would be difficult to handle, so I pushed against him like I was going to shit. PLOP!!! In it went, taking my breath away. I gasped for air, as that shaft eased on in , inch by inch. His thrust were so firm and sure. I could feel his cock grow in my shit chute, and I loved it. His balls lay on my ass, hitting my ball sac as he thrust his hips forward. Faster he thrust, filling my waiting butt, with welcome meat. This intrusion was pleasurable and needed. I clinched my ass cheeks and the sphincter muscle around that well driven tube stake. Shudders of lust drove me as I milked his cock, and he gave up to that milk in a stream of warmth so full. Spasms shot thought me as he surrendered. His thrust were strong as he hit my prostrate. HIs presence sent thrills of shudders from my ass, to the cock throbbing and stiff. His cum hit my intestines like a fire ball. The surge was a strike of electric power and caused to me collapse in awe and pleasure. Bobby fell on me and kissed my neck. His tenderness was so fast and sweet. As we lay there, his cock pulled slowly back and my bun hole gladly took back it's size. As Bobby lay beside me, I kissed him and his hands stroked my back. We lay like that till we fell asleep. My dreams were glorious and airy as we each drifted away in love and serenity. Bobby my lover was here. Bobby and Me on the Road The wind whistled through our hair as we sped down the road. We were on a long planned trip back to Bobby's ranch. He and his sister inherited their home ranch on the plains of Texas. "It's near Dales", he always told me. You remember Bobby. That golden boy, who has been the mainstay of my life these past months. His golden locks, down to the shoulders , that all over tan, he got on our home porch. That member, now, rigid as he stroked himself, just to watch me drool. "Your shithead. I cant get enough you, and you do that while I am driving", I laughed. Bobby is a love. He was always after me to take him home. He said we would have fun on the ranch. A place where we could be ourselves, and as usual, "get naked". Bobby always knew how to get me to do things. His body was so lovely, and he was helping me to see more glories of homelife. This all started about a year ago. We had just made permanent love in out king-size bed. His body lay beside me as be both reveled in our joy and senses. I remember, I had made a sudden move to put my hands around Bobby. He flinched, perceptively, and said, "no dad, not again, I will be good", he said. His body was shuddering and he broke out is a sweat. "Bobby, it's me, calm down now," I said. I help him close to me and kissed those beautiful eyes and stroked his face. His body grew calm and I felt his cock and balls so warm and full. As he relaxed, I asked "what is it Bobby?". He kissed me and offered his butt to me. "You have been so good to me", he said. "You make me happy", as he thrust those hips to me. Our sex that morning was more sensitive and intense than ever before. My enjoying of love distilled that gaping well, and the feeling now was exceptional. His cock so between us and his jacking himself while lifting that ass to me. As my cock came to life, shooting the man juice I had into his wanting cavern, his ass clinched my member and held me close. God I loved Bobby. "What is it my love," I asked? "Dad, can we go back to Texas and my old home?" "I own half interest in a family ranch," he said, "and I need to share my life with you before we met". "OK", I said, as I rolled off him. My cock was spent, and Bobby needed me. "Let's do it. We can start this weekend. I have vacation coming and so do you". His golden body turned to me, and we kissed. "Thanks dad, I love you". See why I love this guy? I had bought a brand new Caddy Sevile. It was red with white interior. I knew Bobby love it. I had wanted one for years, and for my lover, I got one. As we went sailing down the highway, Bobby was often sitting besides me, naked, and his cock at the ready as I trained him. One of the fun times we did on this trip, was when we passed a trucker, and the horn and excitement of the guy showed was so evident. One day we played 'catch us if you can', with a young 18 wheeler. He was about 6'1", and built like the proverbial brick shit house. God he was also a lovely man. Bearded and no body in the truck with him. I figured he was playing with his cock also. "Dad, let's give him a break", said Bobby. His cock at full mast, and he was stroking himself and playing with his nipples. "Can't we pull over at the next rest stop?" He was almost beside himself, and that beautiful manhood was so big, it made my own ass twitch at what was to come. As I pulled in the rest area, Bobby slipped on his cutoffs and of course the 18 wheeler with the bush beard followed. "I gotta take a leak anyway", said my lover. Wait till he follows me in the rest room, and then follow, OK?" Sure, we had played this scene out many times before. It was such hot time for a threesome, and Bobby made a great meat for a bun. As he ran to the rest room up the trail, Bobby looked back, hefted his package, and smiled so sweetly to the trucker, now hoisting his ass out of the 18 wheeler. Damn, he was a hunk of meat ready to be tenderized. He looked around, himself and adjusted that hardon he had. He was a fine example of government regulated "prime A beef". At least he would meet Bobby's and my inspection, I as sure. With his head low and fast gait he quickly entered the rest room after Bobby. I could see it all now from memory. Bobby, the blond god he was, standing in front of the middle pisser. He always used that one to make sure he would be seen clearly. His cutoffs down around his ankles and his bubble butt showing in the light. Hell with his meat, what do you think, he's gonna pull that out this front and hurt himself? And it was always a good opener for whatever was to happen. Well certainly Bobby was at his best. Already, and my own balls asked for release. As I strolled in, just wanting to take a Lolita Links piss, mind you, when what to my wondering eyes do I see,? Yes there they were. There was Bobby leaning against the urinal with his ass thrust back and up. A usual sexy position mind you, and the bearded wonder with his pants down around his ankles, thrusting a large cock into that ass. They were so deep in the trough of fun, no one heard me enter. Bobby soon became aware, as the trucker, to plow that ass deeper, pulled back on him and held him upright so he could pinch those pert nipples of Bobby. As they turned to me Bobby moaned like Parisian whore getting the fucking of her life and the trucker said, "Dam he's not, want some? I bet he has a hot mouth too." Both Bobby and I smiled as we knew we had another to please us. I approached them with a plan in mind. The trucker, had his shorts down around his ankles, and was about tied up in such a good way. "Nice bod you have yourself, my friend", I said. He continued to fuck Bobby, as I stood behind him and stroked those thrusting hips so firm. His finely lined cheeks quivered at the gentle touch of my hand. "Oh god that is good", he intoned. "Your hands would go nicely between my legs and over my balls too". I knelt to fondle those balls and run then around their velvety sac so large. His low hangers were hitting Bobby's ass cheeks now in a repeated motion and he pistoned back and forth. "Here I come boy", I warned. I had tongued that crack and grooved on that pucker and sucked it to total pinkness. It was open and wanting my cock now in deep penetration of its opening to me. "Mighty one I come to you", as I rammed my cock home. It's hooded head penetrate that love ring and my trucker boy gasped a large gulp of air. This boy is virgin ass I noted. Well he is going to get it this time I wanted. As he pumped into Bobby, my thrust into his ass were timed to match his thrust in this moment of ecstasy. Bobby leaned over and his elbows were on his knees as he met our cocks in a never ending streagenth of joy. To be sure my trucker had a good taste of his position, I put a cloth bit over his mouth, and drew rains back forcing his head to be held high as I rode him to completion. My hands were all over his body and his head was high and pert. Those luxurious hips were heaving and working their way in my groin as he shot his load Lolita Links into Bobby. I banged him again and again. My milk was coming to head and my moment of joy was only increased by Bobby yelling out, "Oh christ, I am commmmming. Aghaaaaaaa!!!!!!" We three did reach climax together. Bobby, the trucker and Lolita Links I. We fell apart and that chain was no longer. Bobby has his rear enlarged as he was wont to be, the trucker was not a newbie anymore, and I was in total glory as I had my boy pussy Bobby and a turcker pussy now too. As we dressed in silence, We did exchange call numbers and wished to meet again some day. We drove on in a quietness and a soberness that comes only after good sex. The trucker was a better man for his ordeal, and probably a safer driver also. Down the road we sped and to another adventure as we drove to Texas and home.
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